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secure your future

In a spectacular destination Tartaruga Bay provides a place where you feel uniquely at home: a luxury private retreat to share with family and friends.
Tartaruga Bay offers an outstanding opportunity for both a financial and lifestyle investment.

When not using your villa, you benefit from the rental income and we manage everything for you.

Tartaruga Bay provides one of the best investment opportunities in one of the most luxurious properties in Mozambique.

enduring enjoyment

Your villa is yours not only for 49 or 99 years – it is yours for ever, guaranteed by the Mozambican Government and international investment treaties.

a smart investment

Vacation properties appreciate faster than normal properties – so your investment in your lifestyle is also a great investment in your families’ future
Not only is your home at Tartaruga Bay your gateway to luxury, relaxation and adventure, it is also a smart investment.

We will help you to apply with the Reserve Bank if you live in South Africa so that you can repatriate your investment should you sell.

So besides investing in your memories, you are also investing in your families’ future. Getting all the financial and investment benefits of second home ownership is important and you can achieve these financial goals without having to deal with all the hassles of owning a second home in the traditional way.

a growing market

The growth in tourism, combined with the shortage of resorts of the calibre and design of Tartaruga Bay, has drawn the full support of the Mozambican Government.

In high-end resort real estate markets, Fractional Ownership and Private Residence Clubs have emerged as a rapidly growing alternative to whole ownership of luxury vacation homes.

According to industry statistics, this area of ownership is growing at over 150% per year and is only in its infancy as a trend.

Research shows that while most private club owners could afford a whole- owned vacation home, they elected to purchase a co-owned interest because of the logic of owning only the time they will spend at their vacation residence combined with the added benefit of services and amenities that would generally not be available with ownership of a private home.

As with the growth of fractional ownership of private jets, this form of sensible and secure property ownership is rapidly becoming a standard in luxury purchases

own adventure, rest and new vision

Tartaruga Bay offers the luxury and style of a top notch, upscale vacation rental resort while giving you the benefits of owning the property yourself.

Enhance your life in the most enriching way and give yourself ample opportunity to relax, reflect and connect with friends and family. In fact, it is very much like owning your own private resort. You get access all the facilities and all the other wonderful benefits of a resort while actually owning the property you are living in.

carefree holidays

Fractional ownership allows you to pay for only the time you plan to spend in residence, without the usual commitments and problems of whole ownership.

Tartaruga Bay takes care of all the upkeep and maintenance giving you complete peace of mind and carefree enjoyment. Everything you love about the tropical outdoors is yours to anticipate and cherish year after year as you create your most precious memories.

your profits can be repatriated

Because we are registered with the South African Reserve bank and we will help you register too, you will be able to bring your profits back into the country if you decide to sell one day.

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