Your world

your choice

At Tartaruga Bay it is your choice to:

  • Use your ownership yourself and enjoy a luxurious Mozambican coastal estate
  • Let the Management Company rent it out – and earn rental income


  • Exchange your holiday with a luxury destination elsewhere in the world for time you do not use your property. Nominal costs apply.

Tartaruga Bay.

The luxury leisure asset that gives you the world.

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At Tartaruga Bay, superb luxury destinations around the world are your personal luxury escape options – this year in Algarve, then next year in Bali, then a luxury cruise, then in Paris and the next year at Disneyland.

The exchange program offers you leisure travel at its most luxurious—elegantly appointed accommodations in impeccably maintained surroundings, as well as unique and exclusive vacation experiences around the world.

Leverage your ownership in Tartaruga Bay to travel to spectacular new luxury destinations every year for life.

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Luxury. Freedom. Choice.

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program overview

  1. Choose your destination and time from a wealth of luxury destinations worldwide.
  2. Surrender your use of your Tartaruga Bay property for that period
  3. The management company lets out your surrendered time or exchanges it with other luxury destinations
  4. You pay a small fee for the exchange
  5. You pay nothing for accommodation at your chosen destination
  6. Buy your flight tickets and you are on your way!
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